What is the minimum quantity available for delivery?

Texas Brine has established a minimum quantity of 4,000 gallons per load as a minimum,
primarily for safety purposes. Texas Brine's delivery trailers vary in quantity from 4,100
gallons to 5,000 gallons. We prefer to operate the trailers full or empty (or minimal residual
volumes) to reduce slosh while turning and/or braking.

For what time period may a truck be detained at my facility prior to incurring an additional charge?

A demurrage charge will be applied should a customer-caused delay beyond two (2) hours
occur within their facility. As of March 2008, the rate is $65.00 per hour. Any time in
excess of the aforementioned two (2) hours will be prorated to the next quarter (15 minute
interval) hour.

How might I be assured that the drivers entering my facilities are capable of performing their
tasks, and are qualified?

Texas Brine Company LLC, as a common practice, hires drivers that meet the criteria set
forth below. Texas Brine operates liquid bulk trailers on the open road, delivering non-
hazardous, sodium chloride brine, and stresses safe working habits to benefit the
company, the public, and our customers. A driver candidate must possess the following
attributes, and/or be subject to the following mandates to be considered for hire:

Candidate must possess a valid and current Commercial Drivers License
Candidate must possess a valid and current Medical Card as mandated by Texas Department of
Transportation (TxDot).
Candidate must pass a drug screening, and is subject to random drug screening as per TxDot
Candidate's driving record shall be reviewed, to validate the candidate's historical safe driving
performance record.
Each candidate will undergo a criminal history background check.
It is desirable that candidates possess two (2) years previous tank trailer driving experience.
Candidate shall receive the necessary safety training on a yearly basis, in accordance to TxDot and the
American Chemistry Council's (ACC) Responsible Care Program requirements.

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How much lead-time is needed from placing the order until delivery?

Texas Brine requests 24-48 hours prior notice, if possible.

What hours are your facilities open and/or available.

The sites vary, dependent upon the total operations. Please refer to our
Location Directory.

Is low-calcium / low-magnesium (LCM) brine available at all of your loading sites?

Only certain sites have LCM available. Please refer to our Location Directory.