Delton Kayga
TBC Sales & Distribution, LLC

Brine Sales & Distribution

Brine has industrial applications such as oilfield fluids and water softening. TBC Sales and Distribution, LLC services the Texas and Louisiana coastal areas with truckload quantities of a quality product for users in any brine application.

Water softening applications allow the end user to purchase a saturated solution of brine and eliminate many of the problems associated with salt handling.

Oilfield customers can rely on consistent quality brine for their borehole conditions. Product is available for pickup 24 hours a day.

Industrial Applications

Brine (solubilized salt) is primarily utilized to regenerate the exchange sites of resin beds for water softening, where sodium ions replace calcium and magnesium ions.

Oilfield Applications

As a heavy fluid with a density of 10.0 lbs/gal, brine can provide the hydrostatic pressure to overcome borehole pressures.


Using brine instead of raw salt provides the user with numerous benefits:

  • No disposal of insolubles
  • Reduced risk of injury caused by hauling, lifting and handling salt.
  • Eliminates salt dust problems
  • Reduces required manpower
  • Extends pump life
  • Dependable convenient supply