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Texas Brine Company, LLC, together with its wholly-owned subsidiaries, is the largest independent brine producer in the United States, supplying over 30 percent of the brine requirements of the chlor-alkali industry. Our underground caverns developed through brine production, are designed to meet the storage needs for a wide variety of gas and liquid products.


Brine is water saturated with sodium chloride- common table salt- and is the main raw material used in the manufacture of chlorine and caustic soda (chlor-alkali). Chlorine and caustic soda are used in the production of thousands of consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and industrial products, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Underground Storage Caverns for Gas and Liquid Products

Underground Storage Caverns for Gas and Liquid Products

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Management Team
Theodore Grabowski
Theodore Grabowski
President, Texas Brine Company, LLC
Bruce Martin
Bruce Martin
President, United Brine Services Company, LLC
Brian Rapp
Brian Rapp
Vice President, Business Development

Our management team is dedicated to excellence and is readily available to identify and develop solutions for our customers.

The one source for all your brine and storage needs

The Texas Brine family of companies is dedicated to all aspects of brine management. This includes: brine production, treatment, transportation, and the underground storage of gas and liquid products. As a result, our customers enjoy unparalleled quality, reliability and efficiency in brine and storage services.