Brine Services
Comprehensive Brine Services

Texas Brine's wholly-owned subsidiary, United Brine Services Company, LLC, maintains a staff of experienced engineers and scientists who have dedicated their professional careers to the salt sciences and offers a full range of brine-related and storage services that include:

  • Salt reserve evaluation, acquisition, and development
  • Well drilling program development, permitting, and implementation
  • Freshwater treatment, storage, and management
  • Brine production operations and maintenance
  • Brine treatment, including our proprietary UltraPureSalt
  • Treatment solids reuse and recycle
  • Brine Treatment Solids Recycling
  • Well maintenance and workovers
  • Cavern sonar surveys
  • Regulatory and environmental reporting and compliance
  • Pipeline construction and operation
  • Corrosion management
  • Landman services